Do You Hear Me Now?

Before Michael passed away I think I just assumed that people in heaven probably didn’t really keep up with what was happening on earth.  I think mostly I hadn’t given it too much thought.  I mean, after all, there would be no more mourning or sadness, so they must just be in some sort of divinely ignorant state of not knowing what we were doing, right?

But in the last months, the kids and I have had several discussions wondering about this and I’ve done some reading to try to understand what the truth on this subject is.  And I think I’ve changed my mind.

There are of course many references to heaven in the bible (though, by count, I think there are more references to hell).  As I set out to read through some of the passages I discovered several things.  First, all those references I remember about there being no more tears or pain or crying refer to the “new” heaven — the eternal heaven that will come one day when Jesus returns again and takes His place of rule on earth.  But that heaven isn’t here yet, and that heaven isn’t where Michael is right now.

The present heaven is where Michael is right now and there are actually fewer details about that heaven in the Bible.  But I think I have been able to understand a few things.  First, the present heaven is a real place.  When God gave directions in the Old Testament for the tabernacle to be built, He said it was to be a copy of the real tabernacle which is in heaven.  So heaven is a real physical place with real physical things there.

The other things I’ve learned about the present heaven come mainly from two passages – the parable Jesus tells about Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16 and the account of the martyrs in Revelation 6.  In both of these passages, we see people in heaven that are conscious of their surroundings.  They are in communication with God and each other and they are aware of things happening on earth.  The martyrs can see that their deaths have not yet been avenged.  And they are even crying out because of it, an indication that they are aware of the state of things on earth.

This has made me change my thinking about what Michael, and others in heaven, are aware of.  I now feel more confident that they are aware of what’s happening in our lives here.  Which means that when Andrew preaches, I believe Michael is watching and listening and very proud.  And when Emily graduates next week I believe he’ll be grinning from ear to ear and cheering from the best seat in the house.  Does this mean that he sees and knows everything all the time?  Probably not, and I’m not sure how all that works out.  After all, he’s in the presence of God so I think that gives him a better understanding of things, but that doesn’t make him God.

It gives me comfort to know he’s watching.  I want him to see how wonderful the kids are.  I want him to hear us laughing at the memories we have of him and our family times together.  I want him to see one day when we have grandkids.

I also do think that those in heaven probably have a fuller understanding of some things than we do here on earth.  This is especially healing for me. You see, when my dad died last May, he died angry with me.  He was very upset with some decisions I made regarding his care and thought that I was trying to hurt him and take advantage of him.  I am hopeful that now, whether by fuller revelation or by being able to ask God in person, he understands that there was no attempt to hurt him or steal from him, but only to protect and help him.  And with that new understanding I’m sure that there are no longer any hard feelings between us.

One last thing, while I do feel confident that believers in heaven are aware of what’s happening here, there’s no indication in these passages that they are able to communicate with us.  In fact, the rich man who goes to hell in Luke 16 is told specifically that his family still alive on earth cannot be warned of his end by someone from the dead.  Just a thought for Teresa Caputo, John Edward and others who make such claims.  I’d love to know what you think …

P.S. I highly recommend the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It does a great job looking at both the present heaven and the eternal heaven to come.

5 thoughts on “Do You Hear Me Now?”

  1. I, too, believe that people in heaven, our loved ones, can see us here on earth. That should make us want to do things to glorify God and not ourselves. I also believe that they have a new understanding. Even though I believe that they do not communicate us, I would like to share something that happened to me and healed my heart a little. I had a very tumultuous childhood. I feel like I did not honor my parents like I was supposed to. My father died when I was in high school and I never had the chance to apologize and ask for forgiveness. I prayed about this for a very long time. One night in my dream, my father came to me and asked me to forgive him and that he had forgiven me. I felt his presence, but not the earthly one, the heavenly one where he was healed of his sins and had a loving heart. I can still feel that moment. It went a long way toward healing my heart and accepting the fact that, while alive, my father did the best that he knew how to do.

  2. Ginger, you are an amazing woman! Even in your time of sorrow you are imparting knowledge and wisdom you are learning along your journey. Thank you for enlightening me and thank you for allowing me to share in your journey. God bless!

  3. Ginger, since I have been saved I thought that, that subject was one I totally understood. New revelations in God’s word always intrigues us and lights a fire under us. You opened up something new and I am so sorry this is how you came to this conclusion. I can see how this will be a comfort for you and the children. I intend to read the book because I never know when I will be in the same situation as you. The Lord brings you to my mind daily and you are always in my prayers. You took me from skiing on top of the water in the word to deep sea diving in the word and now I KNOW my God and strive to know Him more. Blowing kisses to keep in your pocket so you will always remember that I love you and I am praying for you.

  4. Great teaching!! I agree with all you said completely. So many people base their understanding of heaven and angels on what the movies “teach” instead of the Word. God is using you and this blog to get His Truth out. Thanks, Hon. Love you!!

  5. I have had heavenly communicationwith my heavenly loves. My mom, brother and stepfather (only father I knew) they send me little reminders that I am not alone. After my mom died…there was no one left of my immediate family that I grew up with. I felt orphaned/abandoned. This set me on a deep journey. God lead me to some amazing discoveries that would help me continue my life here without them. I shared a little about this journey at mops this year. If you get a chance to listen it is on the nola vineyard mops website.

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