Goodbye, Hello

This time of the year I always enjoy those television shows where we watch the year in review, recapping all the news and celebrity happenings from the last twelve months.  Even as a kid I remember watching them.  So often as I watch I think, “Did that just happen this year?”  It’s amazing how much we can cram into 365 days.  Looking back 2017 seems to have flown by.  And yet, looking forward, 2018 seems to stretch out vastly ahead of me.

This is also the time that many of us take a minute to reflect on our lives, the blessings and the challenges.  Hopefully we can find it easy to be grateful and appreciate all the good things in our lives.  But we also spend some time looking at places for improvement and progress toward personal goals.

I am no different in this regard, although over the years my New Year resolutions have evolved.  Most often they are no longer tied to quantifiable measurements like pounds or dollars, but include more abstract objectives.  So, with that in mind, tomorrow at midnight I hope to say goodbye to some of the less desirable parts of 2017 and hello to a new improved version of me and the world around me.   Below are a few of the things on my list.  Feel free to add your own in the comments.

  • Goodbye to an obsession with the number on the scale every morning.  Hello to a lifestyle of staying healthy and active.
  • Goodbye to judging others.  Hello to loving better.
  • Goodbye to treating others as less than.  Hello to respectfully reaching down and over and out to help others.
  • Goodbye to wasting time that can never be recovered.  Hello to appreciating the 1,440 minutes of each day, knowing that they are a gift from God.
  • Goodbye to daydreams that never develop beyond fantasy.  Hello to action.
  • Goodbye to tears of regret and sadness.  Hello to tears of enormous joy and overwhelming laughter.
  • Goodbye to petty jealousies and insecurities that weigh me down.  Hello to cheering for those around me knowing that their successes do not create my failures.
  • Goodbye to hanging on to the past when it’s not healthy.  Hello to shedding the weight of guilt and shame.
  • Goodbye to loneliness and boredom.  Hello to moving beyond my comfort zone.
  • Goodbye to the prison of perfectionism.  Hello to the freedom of being who God allows me to be.
  • Goodbye to being shy about celebrating life.  Hello to embracing emotions and taking chances.
  • Goodbye to allowing this world to define who I am or how I should spend my time and energy.  Hello to taking my direction from God.
  • Goodbye to pity parties for one.  Hello to banquets of gratitude.
  • Goodbye to laziness.  Hello to resting in the spirit of God.
  • Goodbye to comparisons.  Hello to individuality.
  • Goodbye to fear of the known and the unknown, the future and uncertainty.  Hello to trusting God more.

Goodbye to 2017.  Hello to 2018.





One thought on “Goodbye, Hello”

  1. Beautiful, Ginger! This is what my list should look like, think I’ll borrow it! You always express so well the way I want to think! Love you!

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