You were not quite three years old that night.  We were at the table ready to eat supper when you asked to say the blessing.  We all bowed our heads and closed our eyes as you thanked God for our food.  But then you said “And please Jesus come into my heart”.  I must tell you that my eyes popped open and looked across the table, only to see your dad’s eyes popped open wide looking back at me.  With no prompting you were praying for Jesus to come into your life.  Now, I know your understanding was limited to that of an almost three year old.  But your heart was innocent and genuine – exactly the way God would have us to come to Him.  It was just a few years later that you wanted to be baptized, also at a very young age.

Sometime during your preschool years I remember feeling one day that God was telling me He would call you into full time ministry.  I didn’t tell anyone about it.  In fact it was over ten years before I even told Michael.  I think this is one of those things that a mother hides in her heart.  But as you grew I saw a change happen in your life.  As a teenager you began to really listen to others and pray earnestly for them.  You were not shy about telling others about God, yet you never forced your faith on anyone.

Through your college years I’ve seen time after time that word from God being developed as you live and grow.  Certainly there have been times of questioning, wondering which direction your life should take.  But with each passing year God confirms over and over again that His calling on your life was from a very young age.

Now you are ordained.  Set aside for God’s purpose as a minister.  Witnessed by family and friends in a ceremony to mark the occasion.  And yet the occasion was many years ago.  Those who could be there were.  Those who could not were certainly missed.  And yet all of them had a part in investing in your life along the way – pouring love, friendship and good counsel into your life.

I am so thankful for the way God has called you and provided for you and that He has allowed me to be your mom.  And I’m excited to see how He will use you throughout your life.  My prayer for you today and every day is threefold – that God would keep you from temptation, that He would help you to stay humble and that He would give you His wisdom.

Love you Andrew!

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  1. Congrats!!! I sat here and read several of your previous posts& I want you to know your heart is felt in all of them!! Glad I am working from home today as I have makeup streaks everywhere!! Thank you for sharing you!!!

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